24Aug 2021

MOSAIC TILES Our Best Shower Mosaic Tile Ideas to Transform your Bathroom Your bathroom and the walk-in shower are the areas you love to visit in the mornings to get ready for the day. How about adding value to space by choosing the most creatively designed shower tile ideas? If restyling your bathroom is on […]

20Aug 2021

INDIA-BECOMING-VIBRANT-REACHING-NEW-HIGHT-TO-INDIAN-GRANITE-MARBLE-AND-NATURAL-STONE-AT-EXPO-2021-DUBAI-BY-BHANDARI-MARBLE-GROUP-INDIA With a gathering of choices open correspondingly as getting your home improved, you would need to go for the best materials that would most likely draw out the substance of your home. With different individuals trying to examine a blueprint of flooring decisions, you would need to pick about which kind of flooring you […]

19Aug 2021

Bhandari Marble Group Congratulate Miss Anupama Kundoo for her Achievement #BhandariMarbleGroup #AnupamaKundoo #InteriorDesigner #Architects #2021RIBACHARLESJENCKSAWARD About Anupama Kundoo by BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Anupama Kundoo studied architecture at Sir J. J. College of Architecture, University of Bombay, and received her degree in 1989. Kundoo established herself as an architect in Auroville in 1990 where she designed and built […]

17Aug 2021

CLASSY WAYS TO INCORPORATE MARBLE INTO YOUR HOME DECOR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: EVER WONDERED HOW TO INCORPORATE THE MARBLE IN YOUR HOME, VILLA, HOTEL, AND PROJECT DECOR! With marble’s subtly beautiful sparkle and beauty, there are many classy ways the marble can be incorporated into the home décor to brighten up the home. Marble is […]

16Aug 2021

MARBLE TILES Imported Marble Tiles v/s Indian marble tiles Stronger – Exotic Stone tiles THE INFINITY Luxurious Imported Marble Discover a luxury collection of quartz, granite, semi-precious tiles for walls and floors. Imported Marble Tiles Indian Marble Tiles    Source Quarried from Italy      Quarried from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Andhra, and Madhya Pradesh in India Luster    Italian marble […]

16Aug 2021

CELEBRATE-INDEPENDENCE-DAY-AND-INDIAN-MARBLE-GRANITE-AND-NATURAL-STONE-GROWTH-OPEN-A-NEW-FLAGSHIP-GALLERY-THE-INFINITY-LUXURIOUS MARBLE LATEST TRENDS OF INDIAN STONES AND THEIR USES GLOBAL HERITAGE STONES OF INDIA Our country gained freedom from British rule on August 15, 1947. This day holds a special place in the heart of every Indian. On this day, India’s tricolor flag is hoisted at the Red Fort in Delhi. The Prime Minister […]

14Aug 2021

BHANDARI MARBLE WORLD INDIA Natural stone is a sublime material. When it transpires in its most precious forms it becomes a true icon of excellence and exclusive luxury. Allowing yourself a journey through the most precious marbles, granites and natural stones in the world means being enchanted by unexpected colors, games of light and shadows, […]

03Aug 2021

MODERN-MARBLE-MARBLE-IS-A-TIMELESS-BUILDING-MATERIAL-DISCOVER-ALL-ABOUT-ITALIAN-INDIAN-MARBLE-BY-BHANDARI-MARBLE-WORLD-THE-PIONEER-GROUP-OF-MARBLE However, each natural stone reflects its own beauty and benefits. In other words, a stone that is fit for wall cladding may not be a good choice for the bathroom countertop. Besides, other elements of the interior design of a particular space also play an instrumental role when you make a purchase decision. Therefore, […]

02Aug 2021

White marble is probably the most used marble of all the above. It has a distinct look and feels especially for small rooms. White marble tiles give the illusion that a room is bigger than it is. Marble suppliers have a wide range of verities like Onyx White, River Blue, Raymond White, Mercury White, and […]

01Aug 2021

Natural Stone Wall Cladding Cold season is coming, but you still have time for decorating the exterior of your house. Natural stone cladding is an efficient solution, for delivering a pleasant and well-balanced appearance to your building. Of course, such a balance comes from finding the best possible combination between the exterior elements of your […]

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