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Black Galaxy Granite

Black galaxy granite, also known as star galaxy granite, are known for their hardness, strength, durability, heat, and water resistance. They are also believed to be the most exotic granite used all over India for decorative purposes. Want your house to have that ethereal touch to it? Go no further because black galaxy granite brings […]


INDIAN GRANITE EXPORTER Traditionally India has been the bedrock for granites. Vast resources of granite are found across the length and breadth of India – from Rajasthan in the North to Tamil Nadu and Karnataka in the deep South, from Madhya Pradesh in the West to Jharkhand in the East. Over 200 shades of granite […]


INDIAN GRANITE What is Granite? Like the other natural stones, granite is a hard naturally-occurring stone. It incorporates a number of minerals including mica, feldspar, and quartz, which is the hardest mineral naturally found on Earth. This elegant spotted and crystalline aesthetic makes granite a popular design choice. Bhandari Marble World is an India-based granite […]


INDIAN BLACK GRANITE- A STAPLE OF MODERN INTERIORS: Indian Black Granite tops the list of the most popular stone among homeowners. It is used in several forms such as tiles and slabs. At Bhandari Marble Group, Kishangarh, a bestselling black granite is the granite from Rajasthan which is extremely popular among Indian and international buyers. […]

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