Best Marble – Black & White Marble

Black and White Marble
Bhandari marble group
Black and White Marble, Black and white are like day and night. Each of them is unique in certain ways. There is black when there is no light. Because of that many people believe black is not a color itself because it is actually the absence of color. On the other hand, white appears when all colors equally blended. When the rain drops break the sunlight, we see the rainbow with all the colors in the spectrum. They both inspired artists, intellectuals and writers throughout the human history.

Black and White Marble
The philosophy of Black and White Marble
The famous how two different, opposite idea or color may actually be very interconnected and complementary to each other just as black and white marble. This notion of duality indeed had a huge impact on ancient Rome where we see the first usage of black and white marbles.
Black and white marble
One of the most popular black and white marble combinations is the checkerboard look. That beautiful passage from the book tells more about black and white checkered marble floors:
So, we suggest you Black & white marble walked up to the marble staircase to the upper rooms, skylights above the long upper hallway cast diffused light onto soft black and white checkered marble floors.
The History of Black and White Marble
We know that black and white marbles with checkerboard look were used not only in ancient Rome but also in different parts of Europe & Asia. These marbles decorated the floors in Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, kolkatta, Jaipur, Paris, Milan and London for centuries and keep its classic look.
we learnt more about ancient Greek’s love for white Carrara marble. Carrara marble made black and white marbles popular throughout the history.
Statuario and Carrara marble,
Today most popular size that is used in this timeless design is black & white marble slabs & tiles. There are many popular marbles but we have to name black and Makrana white marble & Thasos Marble ahead of others. Also, Belgian Black Marble and Statuario Marble were very popular to form this classic checkerboard look.

Makrana white, Thasos Marble & Vietnam marble is extracted from the marble quarries . The name of the marble comes from the name of the island. This island is located on north Aegean Sea. Throughout the history the island was known as one of the major sources of marble.
Noir Belge or Belgian Black refers the unique Belgium Black Marble. Black marble deposits in Belgium belongs to sedimentary rock formations which dates back to 360 million years ago. It was widely used in Roman Empire as a decorative construction material. Today it is one of the most expensive marbles in the world.
Statuario Marble was widely used to form black and white marble checkerboard look. It contains heavy, bold gray veining mixed with thinner patterns. It is a precious stone extracted from Italian quarries.
Black and White Marble
Black and White Marble Quarries in Europe
Checkerboard Pattern in USA
The checkerboard pattern was transferred from Europe to USA by European immigrants late 19th century and become one of the popular marble patterns. While it lost its popularity quite some time, we see that there is a resurgence in these beautiful black and white marbles.

Best Marble – Black & White Marble
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