Our Exclusive Product-Banswara Marble


The greatest truth behind designing awe-inspiring interiors resides in the abundant use of white marbles like Flawless white to bring out the sheer beauty. The color white commands respect and adoration and shiny plain white marble floors do more than that. The amazing naturally unique designs in the marble stand out upon polishing and create interiors worth admiration. It also leaves designing options open and a scope for other colors to make a difference in the interiors. Everything you want your interiors to say for you, the white floors are like an empty paper just waiting for the ink.

Banswara White Marble

In Banswara marble, there is a two quality of Banswara marble.

  1. White Banswara Marble:-Banswara marble is a white-based marble with black lines.
  2. Purple Banswara Marble:-In Banswara Purple marble there is a network of purple lines.


The finest quality of Banswara marble in the domestic as well as global market. Banswara Marble is known for their fine texture and smooth finish. This highly acclaimed variety of marble is used at length in various construction works especially for the purpose of decorating walls, floors, and roofs. These Banswara Marbles are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. In addition to this, our Banswara Marbles are accessible at the most discounted rates as against the ordinary market.


White Marble is Highly Popular in the market due to its elegant look and always gives a unique beauty to our Home. Purple White Marble is available in the shape of different blocks, slabs and tiles and different colors and design patterns.

Banswara Purple Marble used for residential and commercial purposes. Purple White Marble is available with different colors, designs, patterns, and texture also. White Marble is one of the best options for flooring, wall cladding and many more uses. The Banswara Marble is available in tiles slabs and blocks in the Market.


Different Types of Marble are used for interior and exterior decoration but Purple White Marble always gives a gorgeous look to the kitchen, floor, kitchen countertops, and bathroom countertops.  When White Marble used for interior it gives a Dashing Look and looks like a gorgeous. White Marble is one of the unique marble for other marble. Its features are smooth texture, high-grade quality marble, smooth finish, used for flooring, soft finish, smooth touch, high material used and beautiful look.


It is durable for many years and it is a natural stone so we can use anywhere like offices, rooms, kitchens, and many more places. Marble Countertops as the ultimate in elegance and luxury. Marble is a strong stone for choices in kitchen countertops. In sunlight, the texture of this marble produces an Incredible Impression and it looks like a mirror.


It can be used for various purposes likes vanity tops, window sills, and fountains and elevator panels. It gives a high gloss shining, smooth touch, high-quality marble and highly durable. Banswara Purple White Marble is a Highly Durable marble for a long time and gives a Wonderful Look to the home. Bhandari Marble Group offers different types of marble and granite and we are supplier, manufacturer and exporter of White Marble, Banswara Marble, Banswara White Marble, and Purple Marble.


White Marble Decorative Kitchen gives a luxury look to the kitchen and home. Marble countertops are an extreme idea if you want to elevate the look of the kitchen or bathroom to an elegant look. Purple Marble is available in natural block, slab and tiles. White Marble is Pure White Marble so it is popular in all India and widely used for kitchen, home, flooring, wall decoration and many more purpose. Banswara Purple White Marble is highly used for kitchen, flooring, home, office building and many more places white marble and purple marble is used. This is soft in nature and does not change color very easily.



Marble is a metamorphic stone, formed under intense heat and pressure that ultimately transforms the rock composition. It is a soft rock, with a porous nature. For flooring purposes, it is mostly used in the living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. Suitable for almost any space of your house that you wish must be eye-pleasing and well-maintained; they are also a really good choice for living rooms and foyers. Marbles are an elegant preference to go for and score high on aesthetics. Italian marbles are available in several varieties like Dyna, Baltic Brown, Blue Pearl, Jet Black, English Talk, Italian Beige, Imperial Gold and so on.


  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • It can last for ages.
  • The design patterns available are exquisite and are one of the most elegant flooring styles.
  • Most of the Italian marble slabs are resin impregnated which provides a more hygienic surface than other materials.
  • Easy to clean
  • It provides a good indoor air quality as it does not catch allergens.
  • Have the advantage of a wide range of colors

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Our Exclusive Product-Banswara Marble
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