You can improve your accepting district or remain with marble tiles and pieces. This is a normally suffering material that envisions a fundamental part in your home beautification. Marble stone is strong and excellent. It can without a lot of a stretch join into any strategy and outline.

  • This is more significant and solid than Indian granite supplier in UAE.
  • This is considered as the most strong and thick standard stone.
  • In case you are hunting down a trademark stone for high improvement zone then the stone would be an incredible choice for you. It is an ideal stone to use in the territories where style and class are required.
  • Its crystalline structure is continuously impenetrable to recolouring, scratched spot, and recolouring that marble so this can be flawless to use for a kitchen edge.
  • It is available in a mix of surfaces and tones that influence it to rise. This isn’t really proportionate to other standard stones as it has grouped surprising characteristics.
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This is an astonishing ordinary stone that is ideal for feature islands, kitchen edges, eating tables, bar tops, and floor materials. Decisions are unending.

What type or category of Marble is best for flooring?

Indian marbles are very good for Indian homes. Indian marbles are available in different price range. So, you can choose from as per your budget. But if you have really good budget Italian Marble is best. Italian marble also adds style and value to your living.

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How are these marbles available, in slabs or tile like? And what do you suggest me to opt for?

If you have hired an Architect or Interior Designer, then marbles would be brought as per their designs and budget given by you. But Marbles are can be brought in slabs (which are 4’x6’, 8’x4’, etc. in size) and small pieces (i.e., 1’x1.5’, 2’x1.5’, etc. in size) too. The cost will depend on sizes and whiteness of marble. I would suggest you to opt for new slabs if you have good budget. And if otherwise, you can opt for marble cut-outs.


Granite has been used in many places such as buildings, paving, bridges, monuments, and various exterior projects. When we look at the application of granite in its polished form, one application that tops the list is countertops. It makes one wonder how is granite a decent choice for the countertops.

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Changed several countertops over the last years? Granite countertops are durable. And by durable it means the granite and the countertop can last a lifetime. Therefore, they are worth the investment. If treated with caution, granite countertops require only a few repairs. 

Worried about placing hot items from the oven and stoves over the countertop? Granites are heat resistant and therefore do not blister or melt when exposed to the heat. This is one factor which makes it ideal for kitchen countertops as you can place any item taken directly out of the oven onto the granite.

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Concerned about the scratches the sharp objects can give the countertop? Granites are one of the hardest substances found on the earth and are scratch resistant too. So, you need not worry about sharp items such as knives creating scratches on it.

Every item once purchased requires maintenance at some point. Same theory goes with the granite countertop. But the good news is that granite countertops don’t require much maintenance. Don’t get damaged easily and therefore it makes it an ideal option for countertops. But in case of any damage, get it repaired only from professionals.

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Granite needs no introduction when we are talking about the remodelling or construction of your home. It is a widely used material for various areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and even floors. Though it is less expensive than marble, it looks pretty close to it. There is no dearth of creativity when you are looking for granite stairs ideas. Whether its inside of your home leading to the second level of your home or the main entrance, a granite staircase is a wonderful option. Let’s explore!

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Grey Granite

Anything made of grey granite stone, be it kitchen countertop, bathroom slabs or even a staircase looks very classic and niche. You will find these types of granite stone by the name of Pearl White Granite, prices starting from almost Rs.70/sq feet.

Rosy Pink Granite

You must have noticed this stone in the staircases of commercial, office spaces, shops, etc. Looking for subtle granite stairs ideas? This is it! This might cost you around Rs.65/sq.feet.

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Pitch Black Granite

This is probably one of the most expensive granite stones out of all available options. It is a pitch-black with no other colors touched. It is widely used by design & decor professionals aiming at a bit of a luxury look, and can go up as high as Rs.200/sq.feet.

Crema Nova White

This granite stone looks very similar to natural marble stone. It is very subtle in terms of the presence of other colors or flecks and gives a very simple look. Due to its natural look, you might have to extend your pocket up to Rs.200/sq.feet.

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Pink Granite Stone

If floral inspires you as an interior decor element, this granite staircase is for you. Darker shades of pink are rarely used and hence if you are looking forward to creating a style that is different yet subtle, this should be your go-to choose.

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An interesting thing about black slabs is that many of them aren’t actually marble and granite countertop, flooring elevation decoration and landscaping at all. In order for a stone to technically qualify as marble and granite countertop, flooring elevation decoration and landscaping, it must contain at least 20% quartz, and quartz is always white or has a milky colors to it. So, if the stone you pick is completely black it’s likely gabbro, which makes for an excellent kitchen work surface, but you should know that all black slabs aren’t really granite even though that’s most likely what they are being called. Here are a few of my favourites. I’m definitely biased towards the last one so I saved what I believe is the best one for last.

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There’s no limit to the different cabinet and countertop combinations that you can do in your kitchen. Some of the most popular options are to have contrasting cabinets and counters, but you don’t have to play by those rules. You’re free to mix and match colors any way you want to get creative and hold stone samples up to painted cabinet doors until the perfect combination turns up. Believe me when I tell you that the perfect combo will turn up, and when you see it, you’ll know instantly that that’s exactly the one you’ve been looking for.

While you’re experimenting with colors palettes don’t let your floor tiles and backsplash material be an afterthought. They go a long way to completing the look. We made a huge mistake when we updated our kitchen. We chose a ceramic tile for the floor but we said we would pick a tile out for the backsplash later. It’s been nearly two years now since our kitchen was done and we still don’t have a backsplash installed. Don’t be like us, make sure you pick everything out together and get it all installed at once.

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The next thing that comes is the painting of these handicrafts. Again, painting is done by highly skilled craftsmen. With fine brush strokes and glossy colors, the painted Marble Handicrafts becomes a beautiful piece of art. The finely detailed colors gives a lively touch to the handicrafts. Also, the paintings on the marble surface involve traditional art forms. There are many painting styles which you can see on these Marble Handicrafts.

You can see beautiful Madhubani paintings with pretty colors. The core traditional Rajasthani style Bani-Thani paintings can also be visualized on different marble lamps. There is stonework also which is complementary to it. The stonework is the assembling of beautiful stone stuck on the surface. The stones can be Kundan, gemstones or colourful glass stones. After painting the surface of the marble handicrafts, to enhance the beauty of Marble Handicrafts these stones are engraved with the paintings.

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The stonework gives an elegant and classy finish to the product. Decorating home with classy marble artifacts is always a good option. If you are not from Rajasthan or finding a way to involve this beautiful product in your adornment then you can search the option online. The Marble Handicrafts are the soul of Rajasthani Culture which showcase the richness and beauty of traditions.


Bhandari Marble Group has been manufacturing and supplying top quality Marble and Granite since 1969. In these 5 decades, we have worked with an esteemed clientele that includes India’s top Architects, Interior Designers, Industrialists, Conglomerate and Hotels. This has pushed us to handpick a selection of stones suited to the sensibility and functionality of our customers. We have earned the status of an industry pioneer by offering such premium varieties to choose from. Our reputation and the desire to deliver the best are a testament to our reliability.

Do You Have Granite Stairs in Your Home? Here are the Best 15 Design Ideas!


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