Marble Handicrafts

Marble Handicrafts

 items are available in different and attractive designs in various cities in India, but handicrafts in Jaipur are rich, cultural, and honed through generations of family skills. Jaipur is the royal city of Rajasthan and is famous for various art and crafts. All marble handicrafts items are crafted by skilled craftsmen using simple tools by hand carvings on high-grade Makarana marbles with Meenakari and Kundan work. Therefore it’s used for home decoration and gifting purposes.




Whether you are decorating your home and office or looking for a traditional and attractive gift collection, we have some unique collections of marble handicrafts of your interest. These decorative marble handicraft items can create a unique and traditional look to your house and they will stand out for their grace and beauty.


Marble Handicrafts Categories


 Marble Flower Pot & Vases


In Matka shape, bottle shape, and Surahi model. Unique designed marble pots in high quality and floral as well as embossed painting are really awesome and so admirable here. All of our marble handicraft collections are crafted by skilled craftsmen with good quality raw materials. These are incomparable with any other decorative things. Some of the creations include a marble vase in which you can add fresh or artificial flowers, a marble pot for gifting on any occasion or to use as a decorative piece for interior and exterior decoration.



Marble Paintings


Here you can find an exotic range of handmade marble paintings on real marble. Embossed and golden foil worked marble painting is available in beautifully carved figures including art, god painting, animals painting, birds painting, lady designed painting, instrumental painting, village painting, and many more. Marble paintings are adorned with Meenakari, embossed, and Kundan work. This type of marvelous handmade marble painting enhances the beauty of your interiors, allowing you to decorate your working and living area.


Marble Utility Item



Many carved Utility marble handicrafts in Rajasthan India for home and office use as well as for decoration purposes like marble mobile holder, pen holder, clock, wall clock, pillar clocks, pooja thali, kumkum boxes, jewelry boxes, napkin holder, marble pot, key holder, tray, lamp, chowki, glass and many more. All these marble utility items decorated with colorful designs, embossed work, stones, and beads work are made using high-grade Makarana marbles.



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