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If there is one marble whose demand has been consistently growing, it is Indian marble. Like Italian Marble, It has a natural luster that lasts a lifetime and its looks do not degrade even after years of its installation. Its color, luster, and shine would not be lost even after years and years of use.
Indian marble is a dupe for Italian Marble but relatively much cheaper. So, if you are looking to get the look and appeal of an Italian Marble but are facing a budget crunch, then Indian Marble may be just the right choice for you. Indian Marble from Kishangarh is in high demand in both Indian and International markets.

Indian Marble Flooring
Bhandari Marble Group, Kishangarh is a known and trusted supplier for Indian Marble in Kishangarh. Among the colors and shades of Indian marble, White, Pink and green are the most famous ones. These are available in all finishes, shapes, and sizes as per the need of our customers.
Bhandari Marble Group houses a huge stock of all the standard sizes but we also take custom orders and manufacture stone as per the needs of architects, interior designers, and independent buyers.


White Marble Flooring
Read on to know more about the pros of using Indian marble in your interiors and exteriors:

– Many colors are available in Indian marble but the most preferred and classic of them all is Indian beige marble from Kishangarh. It has proved to be a stunner in its looks and a performer in its durability and longevity.


It is used in both commercial and personal projects. The use of Indian marble is popular in large scale projects because it is easily available and is also pocket friendly. This is also the reason why individual buyers also come looking for this marble

– There is no need to change the stone for 3 to 4 upcoming generations. This is a tried and tested observation about Indian Marble. Many industry stalwarts prefer Indian Marble for the construction of their own homes, villas, hotels etc.

• Indian Beige Marble
• Green Indian Marble
• Pink Indian Marble
• Wonder White Marble
• Indian White Marble
• Super White Marble
• White Premium Marble

– Tiles
– Slabs
– Countertops
– Vanity tops
– Flooring
– Wall cladding
– Panels
– Capping

Are you looking for Indian Marble? Bhandari Marble Group is the place to be. With multiple design options, follows a lot of confusion if you are not someone who is used to dealing with stones.

At Bhandari Marble Group, our team of experts and a personal buying assistant is assigned to you who reports directly to you until the end of your shopping experience. This ensures that each of our individual customers gets the attention that they deserve. This is one of the key features of our company which make us offer hassle-free experiences to customers from over 48 countries.


Indian marble’s price starts from Rs. 40 per sq. feet and goes upto Rs. 150 per sq. feet. Please note that these are the current prices and marble sees a rise and fall in prices as per industry trends.

However, Indian marble or any other Marble or Stone at Bhandari Marble Group is always brought to you at competitive market prices because we are a dealer, manufacturer, exporter, and stockist of all of these stones. This allows us to cut down the costs of any middleman and bring you stones at the best and most competitive prices.

Marble and Granite is in huge demand in India is also shipped abroad from India. It is a booming field that is quite lucrative from a business point of view. If you are looking to become a dealer, it is a good idea to do it under the guidance of an industry pioneer.
There are several attractive packages available for you to become a dealer with Bhandari Marble Group. Contact our team today to know more.

On our website, you can purchase marble from the manufacturer quickly and easily. Before placing an order, please contact our specialists.


If you are looking to install natural stone in your new home, Contact us at BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP. We also offer doorstep delivery where it is ensured that the best quality products reach you.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has been a reliable partner for all your MARBLE GRANITE AND NATURAL STONE requirements since the year 1631.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has exclusive relationships with some of the world’s most renowned Architects, Interior designers, Builders, Developers from all around the globe.
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