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Indian Marble is also very versatile. It can be used in any part of the home villa hotel hospital and projects including living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers. Indian Marble also has a health benefit – the Indian marble is a natural stone and can keep away microscopic particles and germs if it is cleaned properly.


 Which Is Best Marble


While marble is quarried in many countries around the world but most famous of Indian and Italian marble, two countries are generally considered the home of the most high-grade and luxurious marble available.

Indian marble is quarried extensively in Rajasthan India, we are making it a cost-effective choice available in a wide variety of colors and textures. Indian marble has a luster and durability compared to Italian marble harder stone.


Mohs’s scale does indicate which is stronger Indian marble or Italian marble and to this day is the best-known source to check the hardness of the different marble, Indian marble harder than Italian marble.

The price difference of Indian marble and Italian marble:

Indian marble is less expensive than Italian marble, starting at roughly 35/square feet and 200 ₹ more than that for higher-end stone. Italian marble starts from 200₹ to 5000₹ or more per square feet. Indian marble cleaning is easy. Warm water and dish soap sprayed onto the counter works perfectly and, for stains, mixing baking soda and water into a paste and leaving overnight lifts stains.


Hardness and Durability: Indian marble is harder than Italian marble, so it is more resistant to chips and scratches. Both marble countertops are quite durable, but only if they are properly sealed.


Marble Counters can Take the Heat


Indian Marble is heat resistant. In the kitchen, it stands up well to hot pans and pots. It’s become popular for fireplace surrounds because it won’t yellow due to the heat and can withstand the occasional spark on its surface.


Indian marble v/s tiles

One of the most expensive types of floor materials is a marble. It’s also one of the more durable and more beautiful flooring materials. Where tiles are known to collect dust and pet dander, marble flooring can be easily clean with a dust mop.

Indian Marble is of better quality and expensive than tiles. This is because tiles are chemical mix dangers to health man-made while marble is a natural stone which has to be mined and extracted using healthy Product.

Best  Marble of India

Bhandari offers a wide range of white marble with the best quality and reasonable price in India.

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Makrana White marble is one of the best Indian marble for Flooring Elevation Decoration countertop and carving statues Temples residential and commercial projects. Makrana white marble due to its beautiful and pure white look is the most likely choice for Home villa hotel hospital and projects as the white color adds cozy and Charming in the look.

Kishangarh marble market is the biggest Marble market in India:

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Kishangarh is a part of the Ajmer district in Rajasthan State in India. It is home to some of the world’s most renowned marble companies like Bhandari Marble Group, RK marble, A-class marble, and Stonex.


Marble Itself best stone

Best quality marble in India Top and best 10 Indian marble for your home  villa hotel hospital and projects:


1- Makrana Pure White Marble.

2- Onyx White Marble.

3- Wonder White Marble.

4- Banswara White Marble.

5- Agaria white Marble

6- Bhandari White Marble.

7- Makrana Dungari Marble.

8-Best White Marble.

9- Indian Statuario Marble.

10- flawless White Marble


Marble price in India:


Thickness               Minimum Price/Maximum Price

16 mm                     30rs  to 100rs per Square Feet

18 mm                     75rs to 150rs per Square Feet

20 mm                     100rs to 200rs per Square Feet

30 mm                     150rs to 250rs per Square Feet

Flawless Makrana white marble


350rs to 750rs per square feet


Indian Marble

Indian Marble is known for its beautiful textures, strength, and durability. We offer these beautiful Indian Marble in quality and natural shine to use for commercial and residential purposes. Indian marble is highly demanded in pure white color. We also export white Indian marble, green, Katni, Makrana, Indo Italian, Indian Statuario, pink, gold, onyx, and more other colors. We are Mining, Manufacturing, Exporting, and supplying these beautiful Indian marbles at the best price.


Indian Marble for bathroom and kitchen:


Classic and elegant, marble is always a good choice when it comes to kitchen and bathroom decor.

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