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Like granite, marble is a natural stone. Although homeowners and designers used to steer away from marble because of its softer qualities, advanced technology of new sealers has enabled homeowners to use this beautiful surface in the kitchen and in higher traffic areas without worry.

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How to Care, Marble & Granite,

Don’t be afraid because it really isn’t that difficult. Always use a cutting board when knives or mixing bowls are used, and always wipe up spills and smudges immediately. A word to the wise ― kids are prone to spills and other damages so, if small children are in the home, then marble may not be the right choice for you.

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Choosing A Marble Supplier, Fabricator & Installer

When choosing a marble countertop for a kitchen remodel, bathroom vanity, fireplace surround, or commercial use – it pays to be as selective with your marble supplier as you are with the surface itself.  You’ll want to choose a marble supplier. Knowledge and experience in selecting impeccable slabs of marble for importing – when you buy from a marble importer you ensure quality and save money by cutting out the middleman

State-of-the-art technology and expertise in fabricating and templating your marble countertop to your exact specifications – our 3D Cad modeling lets you see the exact marble countertop in place before it’s installed.  You control the exact look and placement of your marble and eliminate any unexpected “surprises”. A team of experienced, skilled craftsmen that work with marble every day and knows how to install your pieces flawlessly – ensuring the project is completed successfully and will withstand the test of time.

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THE INFINITY LUXURIOUS IMPORTED MARBLE is an end-to-end, completely Marble, Granite, and building stone company that helps you design and execute the interiors for your dream home flooring, elevation, decoration, Landscape, and Countertop.


Can I avail of the Stones if I want some very simple and minimal design work done for my house?

Absolutely. THE INFINITY LUXURIOUS IMPORTED MARBLE offers personalized solutions for your Flooring, Elevation, Decoration, Landscape and countertop marble, granite, and natural stone needs. Our stone experts and designers talk to you in detail to understand your vision and help you design a space that is in sync with your tastes and preferences. This service is definitely an option for you to consider.

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Do I have to get the entire house Marble, Granite, and building stone if I book this service?

Not at all. This Natural stone design service works for you even if your renovation is limited to a specific room or area of the house.

Who will supervise the selection when I’m book online?

Our customer experience specialist (CES) would be your single point of contact for all queries and concerns that you may have. He will be the one to lead the entire interior project and keep you informed about the progress of marble stone finishes, dispatch, packing, transportation, taxes, etc.

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No. Our customer experience specialist (CES) is the custodian of your order and he will check the stone and finishes and also ensure that you get regular updates about how the work is progressing. The CES is your go-to person in case of any concerns or queries.

Am I allowed to customize the designs and finishes on Marble, Granite, and building stone for my house according to my taste?

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on providing you best-in-class personalized Stone design and finishes services to fit your needs. You can consult and collaborate with our customer experience specialist (CES) and interior designer to finalize the design that works for your home, villa, hotel, and project.

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Can I opt for different Marble, Granite, and natural stone themes for different rooms in my house?

Definitely! You will be involved in every design decision that is taken. The customer experience specialist (CES) and Stone expert will consider and incorporate your opinion and solicit your approval at all stages in the floor designing phase. The final design will be based on your tastes and on popular trends.

In which countries and cities is this supply operational?

As of now, we provide Marble, Granite, and natural stone design services all around the World, USA, UK, UAE, Germany, Australia,  Singapore,  China, India, Italy, Canada, Dubai,  Nepal, Shri Lanka, and all over Europe and Indian cities—Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad. We are also active in select pin codes of Coimbatore. Please fill out the form to know if we are ready to serve in your area.

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Who will be my contact person for the entire duration of the project?

The customer experience specialist (CES) will be your contact person from the beginning till the end of the Marble, Granite, and natural stone design project. He will address and assuage any queries or concerns that you have during this time.

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The Infinity Luxurious Imported Marble
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