Unleash the Power of Marble in your Life

Nothing will give shine your dream home more than a touch of Indian Marble.Indian Marble is the natural marble.Indian marble is evergreen with observing timeless beauty in it self.Indian Marble comes in different color with multiple texture.

Bhandari Marble Group presenting awesome collection of White Marble Aspur White Marble.This marble looks awesome with some slight veins all over it. The Aspur Marble add a disant and classic touch in every space.

Aspur white marble is kind of white marble quarried in India also known as Dungarpur Marble.For thousands of years, natural marble has been a preferred choice of building material as well as being a decorative material. The rise of new materials and new technology has not been able to take away the charm of the outstanding natural marble.


1.You can use it in Kitchen Area

  • Backsplash – A Marble backsplash in white color or some touch of white with amazing pattern can add a little drama to your kitchen even of the most ordinary kitchen and changes the overall atmosphere .
  • Kitchen island – As we know the kitchen is the heart of every home and a white marble make your kitchen the focal point and definitely attract the everyones eyes on it .
  • Countertops – Countertop is the attention seeking point of everyone and for this the white marble is the superbest for it.
  • Floors – Marble flooring is easy to maintain and can resist the high traffic of the area .     

2.You can use it in Flooring

Wooooow…..Just imagine the white marble flooring in your home.Aspur white marble is ready to make your home perfect white house.This timeless beauty of white marble will make your home flooring extremely amazing. White marble is heat resistance, scratch resistance and have long lasting.You don’t need to pamper it like a kid and also no need to apply any kind of chemical to protect it.

3.You can us in it Bathroom

Bathroom is sometime everyone best friend because coming home from a stressful day your beautiful bathroom will help you to come in  relax mood.

In bathroom you can use it in entire bathroom, in walls and floor or can be in bathtub or countertop.

4.You can use it in Outdoor Area.

White Marble is the natural marble which always bring charm and amazing character in it. White marble is perfect to increase the beauty of your outdoor area with it’s elegance and pure white color.




Unleash the Power of Marble in your Life
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