However, each natural stone reflects its own beauty and benefits. In other words, a stone that is fit for wall cladding may not be a good choice for the bathroom countertop. Besides, other elements of the interior design of a particular space also play an instrumental role when you make a purchase decision. Therefore, you must choose a natural stone that best suits your way of life. You must keep your lifestyle and needs in mind.

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Natural stone is one of those unrivaled building materials that has stayed in trend for thousands of years. Even today, it matches contemporary architecture producing a lasting impression of grandeur and good fortune.


Marble is a beautiful natural stone and is still the most preferred flooring material for Indian homes compared to other factory-made materials such as vitrified or porcelain tiles. Numerous varieties of both Indian marble and Italian marble are readily available in different colors and vein patterns. If you are planning to use marble for your home and haven’t yet decided whether to go with Indian marble or Italian marble, this article can help you make up your mind.


Originally, marble was expensive enough to be limited to monuments and palaces. These days, however, it’s far more accessible and can be found in numerous settings. Hence, its ongoing popularity despite competing against so many types of modern stone tiles. At Decorative Materials, we have a true love affair with marble. One of our favorite looks. This represents just one of many ways in which marble can be used to transform any space.

Many people assume that marble can only be used in large spaces — and large quantities. In reality, however, the opposite concept applies: less is more. Marble is often most effective as a simple statement piece, where it can bring a compelling level of contrast. It also works well for accentuating a variety of materials.

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Natural stones come in a full range of vibrant colors from classic white to subtle green and deep black.  Typically, black granite stones like Black Galaxy Granite tend to be harder and less vulnerable to staining or discoloration. This means they will not require frequent sealing. But they tend to show watermarks, dust, fingerprints and make small spaces look even smaller. However, such stones may need regular sealing and maintenance. They are mostly used in commercial spaces.

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The naturally appearing pattern on each stone reflects enthralling effects including rustic, earthy, casual, sophisticated, and warm among many others. Depending on what kind of effect you are seeking for your space, you can choose the most appropriate stone.

The surface finish of a stone is also a great contributor to its appearance and even practicality. The finish given to a particular stone determines its unique feel. For example, a highly polished finish is ideal for kitchen countertops but not for bathroom flooring where it can become too slippery. Similarly, garden patios or outdoor granite/marble flooring need a non-polished or matte surface where the surface is rough. 

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Each stone performs differently as per the location and the surroundings. Whether it is for bathroom countertop, indoor or outdoor walls, or paving, choosing the natural stone according to space is a must. Furthermore, climate also plays a crucial role in how the stone will endure over time. Every stone follows a standard that determines its usage in a specific space. Technical details like the absorption rate, hardness, grade of the stone, and thickness of the stone slab are essential factors to look for. The price of the stone and the cost of installation are major factors to take into account.

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Lastly, maintenance is the greatest factor that will determine how worthy your investment is. For instance, If, you have low traffic at home and no busy household activities, you can consider a stone that is more glamorous in appearance. Because the more exquisite and delicate the natural stone is the more maintenance will be required.

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Given that it’s available in several shades and gradients, marble is an ideal home building material. Reach out to a local marble or limestone company that specializes in high-quality home features, and let them know what you have in mind for your design. Timeless design concerns itself with the needs of living and working. A strong relationship with natural elements: timeless design takes advantage of sunlight and shade. It keeps the heat in and the rain out. It integrates the environmental systems into the architecture without making a big deal about it.


The word marble comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘Marmaron,’ and it means shining stone. Marble is the result of the transmutation of rocks. The process causes the recrystallization of original carbonate mineral grains, leading to an interlocking mosaic of carbonate crystals. An example of marble with pink to light grey to maroon fossiliferous is the Tennessee marble. The world’s highest concentration of white marble buildings is in Ashgabat. Usually, pure white marble is the result of the transmutation of pure limestone.

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When it comes to adding that touch of elegance to home interiors, there’s nothing quite like marble. This regal material can instantly amp up the look of any room. But, have you ever wondered which is the better marble between Indian marble and Italian marble? Here, we will give you a comprehensive list of things to keep in mind while choosing marble for your home by comparing these two popular options.


Marble is a natural stone that comes in all forms as per your requirements, for giving your interior an extraordinary look you have to think out of the box for using marble. How can you use Indian or Italian marble in your space we have mentions few points which can help you with that?

  • You have to choose organic shapes
  • Think outside the box weather you are using Indian marble or Italian one
  • Take inspiration from textures of stone
  • Give a small touch for a high impact
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Indian marble comes in many unique colors. Makrana marble and Rajnagar marble are available in shades ranging from pure white to grey, with distinctive patterns and grains. Andhi Marble is famed for its creamy pista green color, while Jaisalmer marble is characterized by its warm, deep yellow tones. Silky black marble is obtained from Abu. You can find Bidasar marbles in shades running from deep green to muddy brown. Lovely pink marble is obtained in Jodhpur, which sometimes has grains of grey and white running through it.

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Italian marble is known for its fine veins and a lustrous sheen. The most well-known varieties are the white or blue-grey marble from Carrara, the pearly shades of Bottochino, and the creamy white Pavonazzetto or Red Verona.


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